a new me, one day at a time

30 minute walk. I started off saying I wanna walk a quarter mile. I almost tripled it by the end of my walk.
and I donated a little bit to charity with my walk (fuck yeah charity miles).
I almost forgot how great it is to walk, how serene it is, how at peace you feel with the earth.
I even ran a bit (‘: my knees are killing me, same with my back. But it’s worth it.

I also included pretty pictures from my walk and an after shot of myself. ( I can’t believe I let myself exit the house looking like that)

  1. fatgirlgetsfitatlast said: Awesome! And what a beautiful day! You’re doing great!
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My name is Nancy.
I'm eighteen years old.
My goal is to become the best possible version of myself - inside and out.
That includes losing weight the healthy way.

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