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Anonymous Asked:
How did you lose weight? Can you give me some tips and advice? Thanks!! 💕

My answer is:

Okay, so there are multiple ways to go about this healthily
1.) Count Calories; simple, popular, yet also dangerous.
This is pretty basic. You count your caloric intake, and make sure your outtake is larger than your intake. Basically: exercise and burn more calories than you eat. This can be awesome yet very dangerous and can EASILY get out of hand. There are multiple apps and sites that you can use to do this. Two of my favorites are Lose It! & My Fitness Pal.
2.) Simply eat healthy.
Sometimes this can sound so much easier than done. Basically just make sure you eat as healthy as you can. Cut out the soda, drink mostly black coffee, tea, and water. WATER IS YOUR NEW BESTFRIEND. Use the little packets that add in vitamins. Try not to drink sports drinks like Gatorade. Eat TONS of fruits and vegetables (they’ll be your new bestfriends too; also try new things! You’ll be surprised how much healthy stuff you’ll love). No alcohol (if you’re legal, and still no alcohol if you’re underage c; )
3.) Working Out
You want to work out more. I call BS if you say you have zero time for working out because you can fit it into almost any schedule (if I find time to work out, you can too!) Use it to help wake you up in the morning and get some blood flowing through your veins. Use it to cheer you up after a bad day. Use the stairs instead of escalators or elevators. Walk more instead of getting other people to bring you things. Take a walk to anything within a mile radius. There are simple ways to fit in exercise. Another motivator for exercising is doing “monthly challenges.” So like the October Squat Challenge, or just any challenge. You can search online or even just on tumblr and find tons of healthy exercise challenges. They helped me TONS when I first started working out. I started with the October Squat Challenge. It sculpted my butt SOOOO much, and it kept me motivated because I didn’t want to get left behind, I didn’t want to miss a day and have to make it up the next day. (doing 400 squats a day instead of 200 squats over two days is the absolute worst.)

I hope I answered every question you have/had. And if you have any more, feel free to come back and ask me(:

Anonymous Asked:
I have a question?

My answer is:

Technically that is a question :P
But in all seriousness go ahead c: I’m open to answer any questions


Things with frozen fruits - as requested! :)

My name is Nancy.
I'm eighteen years old.
My goal is to become the best possible version of myself - inside and out.
That includes losing weight the healthy way.

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I wish you the best of luck in your journey as well, ♥

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